Secure rental

Casas de has been segurely listing vacation rentals since 2004.

Renting a vacation rental is easy in Casas de vacaciones, you can contact the property owner directly.

We DO NOT ask for any fees when you rent a property listed on our website, making CDV the cheapest option available to rent a property.

We also strongly care about the security of the rentals we have on CDV. With so many different property owners, you might not know what to look for. For this we have a couple of systems on CDV:

We ask our property owners to verify a couple of things:

  • A proof of their personal address and matching identification.
  • A proof of address of the property and matching identification.

If a property owner has decided to give us this information and it has passed our moderation it will be displayed on the property listing.

Next to that we:

  • Indicate how long this property has been online in CDV. Properties that have been listed for more than one year on CDV usually are more trustworthy.
  • We list ratings and comments of the renters. Giving you a clear idea how previous renters enjoyed their stay.

Property legend

The property has been verified (proof of address and matching identification)

The owner has been verified (proof of address and matching identification)

The property has been listed for at least ? year(s)

5 review(s)
Reviews written by renters about the property and rating they gave